Everyday English

You can find ready-made lessons in everyday English on all of the major themes your students need through fun and engaging tasks.

Reading & Discovery

Students will discover all sorts of interesting facts and figures as they read about famous people, places, things, and events.

Discussions & Projects

Get your students talking about real-world issues and cultural topics with our Big questions Sections and Mini-Project in each unit.

CyberlabKIDS and CyberlabTEENS

First Cycle: 1st to 3rd Grade

You can find interactive exercises focusing on listening and speaking. Students can do interactive tasks on various themes such as my classroom, my body, my nuclear family, etc.

2nd Cycle: 4th to 6th Grade

You can find interactive exercises on the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, plus you can work on pre, while and post tasks on the different topics

3rd Cycle: 7 to 9th Grade

You can find interactive exercises on the four skills and macro skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

NEW!!: New Curriculum MEP Cyberlabteens 7 UNIT 1

High school: 10th and 11th Grade

Students can practice reading for gist and details exercises as well as reading strategies such as critical thinking, previewing and predicting, and guessing meaning from context.

You can find lessons with interesting, relevant content to hold students’ interest.

Research tells us that language students are more motivated when they’re learning about things that interest them.

Ready to do something?

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